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Churchville-Chili Jr. Saints Football and Cheerleading


 Football Information



Practice will be held Monday - Thursday form 6-8:30 pm during the month of August then shift to Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday starting in September.  

Games are held on Sundays.


Game and practice jerseys, helmets, shoulder pads, rib guards, practice and game pants with built in pads will be provided by the program and handed out prior to the first practice.  These items will need to be returned at the end of the season.  Cleats, athletic cups, gloves and any other extra optional equipment will need to be purchased.

What to wear:

Players do not need all of their gear the first few days of practice.  They will need their helmet, mouth guard, cleats, practice jersey and water.  Coaches will inform the players when to start wearing pads.

Who to contact:

If you have any other questions about the Football Program please feel free to contact one of our Directors who can be found by under the the About Us tab.

Practice and Game information:
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